Small Groups

Small Groups are the relational glue at Glendale. Being on the leadership team means facilitating, hosting, and getting a front row seat to life change that happens in Biblical community. Small Groups help us move forward in our mission of Bringing In (Worship & Witness), Raising Up (Groups & Growth), and Sending Out (Missions & Ministry) a Generation #ALLin for Christ.

1. Discover Glendale / Place

Introduction to Glendale membership and ministry

Meets on Sundays at 9:30AM. New sections begin every eight weeks except during December & July. Jump in at any time!

Discover / PLACE Track – Bro. Jerry Gifford (Back Hallway, Room 114)

Discover Glendale: 3 weeks covering
[1] Bringing In: witness and worship,
[2] Raising Up: growth and groups, and
[3] Sending Out: ministry and mission.

PLACE: 5 weeks covering spiritual gifts, abilities, personality, passions, and experiences as they relate to finding your ministry.

2. New Christian Group

What Every Christian Should Know: 7 weeks for new Christians. Offered as needed. 

3. SUNDAY BIBLE GROUPS (meet weekly at 9:30)

  1. Nursery – Dana Griffis (Front Entrance, Left Hallway, Room 102)
  2. Preschool – Angie Carter (Front Entrance, Left Hallway, Room 100)
  3. Elementary – Deanna May (Back Hallway, Room 120)
  4. Youth – Ashley & Hannah Moore (Chapel)
  5. Adults – Bro. Bernie & Jaime Fugate (Gym)

4. Off Campus Small Groups