Partnership Ministries of Glendale:

Broadcasting – Pastor Barry E. Fields and Executive Pastor Jerry Gifford

Through broadcasting, we expand preaching, teaching, and testimonies of God at work through digital, print, radio, and tv media.

Legacy Christian Academy of BG – Rev. Jerry Gifford, Principal

LCABG is in partnership with Glendale through shared facility and campus usage, as well as board representation. We are thankful to support a school dedicated to building a legacy of leaders for Christ!

Riverside Chapel Mission – Bro. Johnny Deakins, Chapel Pastor

For more than 50 years, the Oak Forest Chapel in North Warren County, affectionally known as the “Old Log Church,” has served as a missions outpost of Glendale, resulting in many being reached and raised up for Christ. The chapel meets weekly for Sunday School at 2:30 and Worship at 3:30.

Swordsmen Network

The Swordsmen Network represents those who have been called out of / associated with Glendale who are in some type of Christian service. They represent hundreds scattered far and wide. The Swordsmen Network exists to resource ministry Equipping (pulpit supply, transitional pastorates, revitalization, encouragement, and networking) and Sending (church planting / replanting, missions support, internships, encouragement, and networking).

Cooperative Missions & Ministry

We partner with the Warren Association of Baptists, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention to support church planters, missionaries, theological education, disaster relief, and other likeminded ministries across the street and around the world.